Thursday, August 30, 2007

BlogRolling Working Again!

Yippee! BlogRolling seems to be working again, which is pretty much evident from the little stars in the my blog roll. But for how long, only Blogrolling can tell. I rely heavily on this particular tracker to keep track of new posts in my favorite blogs and when it stopped working, I almost lost touch with the my foodie friends. Even though Google Reader provides a similar facility, I always missed BlogRolling and the ease of use it came with. Now I am really really happy!

Visit Blogrolling at!


Nags said...

hello chandrika :) i just use google reader and food blog desam :) but glad to see blogrolling works for you!

Kamarulzaman Suief said...
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lala said...

hello, have you made rasmalai yet. I would love to try that recipe, an authentic one.
thank you