Saturday, November 11, 2006

Moving to New Blogger

Hi friends,

I am moving my blog to the new Blogger Version. I am not sure how my template will change or look like. But I hope to get it back to its original form. See you all soon!


Sandeepa said...

Waiting for you to move and then I will too :) Let us know how it goes

Foodie's Hope said...

If you are talking abt switching to Beta, please let us know how did like it and how long does it take to change!I am thinking of switching too!:)

Thank you,hope it works for better.

Anonymous said...

please can you let me know how it goes with the beta blog, for blogger is proposing the beta blog to me too! but hesitant to switch over, for having about problems with beta blog! btw ,thanks for appreciating those songs on my blog:)