Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Moved to Blogger Beta!

Hi all,

I moved to Blogger Beta on Nov 11th and I must say that it went on without a hitch. The only drawback though was that comments left by non-beta-bloggers showed up as 'Anonymous'.

I am pretty sad about it because, I have no way of identifying the authors who had spent much time and effort to leave comments during the past months. But I am hoping that as non-Beta- Bloggers start moving their blogs to the new version, this problem would be resolved.

Till then, my humble request to all of you is to include your name in your comments. That way, I can never lose track of you no matter, which Blogger version you are using.

Thanks in advance.....


Vani said...

Hi Chandrika! I moved to beta yesterday. Until I read your post, I had not realized that many comments are now "anonymous". How annoying! I hope it gets fixed soon.

Foodie's Hope said...

Glad to know the info! They are urging me to switch too! I am hesitant since I don't know how long it will take to switch,might do it next week.

Anonymous sucks.I need to be able to click to go to somebody's post to comment when they come to me!Hope we will all soon:)

Thanks for the info,Chandrika.

Sandeepa said...

Hi Chandrika,
Good to see you back.
Yeah that happened when I moved too.
Asha, it does not any time, for me it happened in a couple of mins. But with bigger blogs I don't know.

Pooja said...

Hi chandrika,
This is my first time here. thanks for your info about switching to beta. I thought to swich ovet it, but was hesitant since i came to know there is such kinda problems with it. but when now evrybody is switching , ithink there would be no prob with that.
Well, I must tell u have a great blog here, and would like ot keep visiting :) .
-Pooja (

sra said...

Hi, I'm Sra from Your potato sticks post is fascinating, the pic and the recipe,

Mantu said...

dear Chandrika,
I kind of bit lazy in terms of changes are concerned ,how is switching to Beta /alpha whatever they say...LOL,everybody is switching to it , hope it enhances the blogs look and layout.All the best .
I have liked the recipes here and thank you for sharing so wonderful and Yummy recipes and taking out your time out of your daily routines to visit us also .Post about aval ladoo/potato sticks was fascinating .
Hugs and smiles
Mantu (spiceandcurry(dot)blogspot(dot)com.

Sia's corner said...

hi chandrika
u have got a beautiful blog with mouth watering recipes:)
kudos to u girl

Raji said...

Hey girl,
long time, hope all is well in your world.


Lakshmi said...

Hi Chandrika, your potato sticks curry looks so good and tempting, i'll definately try it. really mouthwatering.

Vini K said...

Hi Chandrika,

I came across your blog when I was searching for the recipe of aval laddo.You have a great blog here.I also moved to beta yesterday and still doing some changes to template etc..being a non-software person ,it is taking a lot of time for me to figure out things,but I am getting there.BTW,I added you to my blogroll.

FYI,I am Vini from

best wishes

Asha said...

I moved too Chandrika:)) Thanks to you.I was hesitating,but after seeing your's and the somany blogger trouble I switched and I am very happy with it:))

Sandeepa said...

long time no see..busy busy ?

Anonymous said...

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